WHY is Futures Trading Success so hard and elusive for most traders?

Whether you're just considering it, brand new / recent to futures trading, or have some experience under your belt...

...the vast majority of new and less experienced commodity traders share an often painful, and usually costly initiation of learning and trying to succeed in the world of commodities trading.

Why the pain, cost and high failure rate?

A 'perfect storm' of reasons.

Some (but not all) of the key reasons for trading failure include the combination of individual futures trader, a glut of financial and trading-oriented websites all after traders' money (many offering little value in return), greed and.....a crucial lack of critical trading knowledge.

This perfect storm - - - often intensified by traders over-estimating their ability to win, while vastly under-estimating the importance in-depth commodities training education - - - causes many new and less experienced traders to blow out their trading accounts early in the game.

The result? Game over. Trading account gone. And an inability to recover from losses and start over...often before these futures traders know
what happened.

This site is dedicated to and focused on one thing...providing you -
the prospective, new/newer or somewhat experienced trader...
...the critical in-depth, and broad-based futures trading knowledge
needed to help minimize your trade losses, protect your trading account
and help improve your odds of success.

If you're a wannabe, newbie or a less experienced inconsistent / struggling futures trader, our site information will help you:

- Shorten the long commodity trading learning curve
- Properly assess your unique trading strenths and weaknesses
- Understand how to 'manage the Cyclone' of trading futures
- Exercise smarter, conservative risk and money management
- Trade smarter

Unfortunately, there's precious little helpful and detailed commodities trading / commodity futures training/educational information online...
if you can even find it.

Futures-Trading-Mentor.com fills this informational/educational void...delivering comprehensive commodity futures trading information across a broad range of key topics...

...information that you will be hard pressed to find elsewhere,
much less in one place.

In-depth content on trading basics will be complemented with other topical content to encompass the below topics and more:

- Brokers
- Charts
- Data Feeds
- Futures Market History
- Trading Basics
- Level II
- Trading Resources
- Trends
- Limit Orders
- Swing Trading
- Trade Entry/Exit Points
- Trading with Stops
- Placing Orders
- Technical and Fundamental Analysis
- Futures News
- Seasonality
- Options
- Indicators
- Heat Maps
- Trading Psychology
- Strategy
- Trading Plans
- Backtesting
- Signals
- Candlesticks
- Electronic Trading
- Platforms

But, there's one thing we need to put on the table right up front.

THERE ARE NO FUTURES TRADING SHORTCUTSIf you're looking for a quick and easy way to a trading profit windfall - - - without a commitment to learn many important commodity trading aspects FIRST - OR - without getting yourself properly re-grounded in the fundamentals - - - then don't waste your time here.

It's nothing personal.

If you're simply looking for a shortcut to quick commodity riches, there are many other websites that would more likely be more to your liking.

And you're wished nothing but the best in those pursuits.

However, if you really want to trade smarter and enhance your commodity trading success odds...WELCOME! You've found an excellent resource to help you do so.

Learn, commit to mastering and using the basic and other more intermediate trading info you'll find here, and you'll end up a quantum leap ahead of most other traders, especially if you are just starting out.

The payoff?

Better odds of staying in the online commodity trading game longer,
giving you a greater chance to win and enjoy a measure of commodity trading success.

And that IS why you're playing and risking your hard earned money
in commodities speculation - right?

Mastering commodities trading fundamentals through education, knowledge, and practice takes time and hard work. But there's no rush. The markets aren't going anywhere.

Use our site to help guide you through the minefield of previously fallen traders, destroyed trading accounts and dreams.....to become one of the rare "10 percenter's"who can and DO experience futures trading success.



Trading in Futures, Index Futures and Options of Futures involves substantial risk, may result in serious financial loss,
and is not suitable for everyone.

As with Future Trading, trading Foreign Exchange instruments carries
the same substantial risk of financial loss, and is not suitable for many members of the public.

In trading any of the above mentioned financial instruments,
only risk capital should be used.

The information on this website is provided purely for informational purposes only.

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